Antimony: an open CAD software with a fresh approach

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I still like Blender but I rarely use it for 3d-modelling any more. Thats because Blender simply is not made for CAD applications, it’s tailored more to design and animation applications. Since I discovered the potential of OpenSCAD and learned how to use it, I’m quite satisfied with it. But Antomony looks certainly interesting enough to give it a try and share it with you:)

Otherworldy CAD Software Hails From A Parallel Universe



In the comments I was asked to explain why I use OpenScad instead of Blender for CAD purposes. Here are some of the reasons:

First, Blender is a massive program which can do almost anything regarding media production. This is not a bad thing of course, but it makes it harder to get a clean workspace and find the desired functions for one specific task. OpenScad on the other hand is much more focused and lightweight.

The Most important difference to me is the way you can parametrise a model in OpenScad. Lets say you have a complex model with many screw holes in it. Now you want to change the screw diameter from 3mm to 4mm. In Blender, you would have to go into the model and manually and rescale every single hole by hand. In OpenScad you can use one variable to set all hole diameters at once. There are maybe also ways in Blender to make this more elegantly, but thats just not that obvious and natural like in OpenScad.

One hard thing when learning modeling in Blender is to get real manifold 3d-objects. You have to take care of every single vertice in your model or else you get holes, double faces, non-flat-faces, etc. OpenScad works more on the level of primitive forms you can join or substract from another – they will always be valid 3d-models. This makes it easy to combine objects or change the size of their elements.

Blender is a gui-driven program while OpenScad is more a programing language with all it’s benefits and drawbacks. If you like to be colaborative and maybe use Git for organizing and sharing your projects, .scad files are smaller and can be merged or edited much more easily.

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  1. Please think about writing more about ur experiences with Antimony and why you dumped Blender. That will be helpful to me since I am longing to learn Blender for mechanical CAD purposes

    1. Hi, I updated the article to explain why I prefer OpenScad over Blender for CAD purposes. I don’t have gained expierience with Antimony worth mentioning yet – sorry.

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