A little while ago I told you about the Axoloti and how much I like it. But because it’s just a bare pcb without casing, I didn’t get to use it in practical context very much. Now I had a little time to design a 3d-printable enclosure. I call it AxoStomp and it features:
– 8 faders (from a Korg Nano Control)
– 4 Arcade-Buttons with leds.
– robust, parametric design, made with OpenScad (excluding the front plate for the connectors which is derived from Jens Groh’s design). The code lacks comments and needs refactoring, but it may be useful to somebody…

The Files are hosted on my Github page










5 thoughts on “AxoStomp”

  1. Hi! I just printed my own copy of the AxoStomp case, and it looks (and feels) really great .. I like the way you took care to add alignment slots and even a bevel on some of the pieces. Great work!

    I was just wondering if you had a wiring diagram for the sliders and buttons anywhere handy? I’m pretty much going to do the same configuration, and would need a bit of help wiring things up – any chance this is available?

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for your feedback! I have no wiring diagram handy but since the wires are color coded, I’ll see if I can provide some meaningful pictures soon (hopefully this weekend). Would be nice to see a picture of your AxoStomp!

      1. Hi Frank, yes .. a photo would suffice, I could decode things from there (and maybe even make a wiring diagram in Fritzing or something, to contribute back to the project) .. I’m just waiting on the parts to arrive and I’ll put it all together and send you some pics. Folks should know, this is a really great case for the Axoloti, I quite like the way you set it up with notches and so on, so if I can help you document the assembly process maybe others will be able to build AxoStomps’ too!

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