Teaching with MuVisu and Boomwhackers

In this post I like to give you just a little example of how I use MuVisu for teaching a band for mentally challenged people. The technical setup consists of a laptop connected to a beamer and speakers. The beamer is used to project animated musical information onto a wall so that everybody can see it. The goal is to lower the difficulty to read the information and translate it into musical action. This way I get room to focus on certain individuals while the rest of the group can practise independently.

Boomwhackers are colored and tuned percussion tubes that are great for making music in a group and to learn basic musical concepts. However, to coordinate playing a piece together isn’t easy – even for trained musicians. I use MuVisu to overcome this difficulty:

Boomwacker_screenshot Boomwhacker_liveB

The left picture shows MuVisu displaying a meleody I have arranged in Reaper. On the right side, you can can see the group playing the melodie. I can say that the participants really like to play Boomwhackers this way and that the outcome really isn’t bad. MuVisu enables me to teach music I couldn’t teach otherwise (with this group) and thats something I’m really proud of:)

update: here is a little Video. The quality isn’t good but enough to get an idea how it works: